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Continuing a Proud Tradition
The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds are one of the world's most elite aerobatic demonstration teams. Formed in 1953, they have amazed audiences throughout the U.S. as well as in over 60 countries around the world, promoting the U.S. Air Force as well as serving as goodwill ambassadors. The team made the switch to the F-16A in 1983, moving on to their current F-16C Block 32 in 1992, and are slated to upgrade to the F-16C Block 52 in 2009. Featuring the U.S. national colours of red, white, and blue, the aircraft also features a striking image of the thunderbird from Native American legend on the underside. Thunderbirds F-16s will surely continue to produce dynamic displays for many years to come.

Canopy can be assembled in either open or closed positions and IFF antennas in front of the cockpit are sharply reproduced.

Precision-made parts for the smoke nozzle, a feature unique to aerobatic team aircraft, also included.

1 figure included to depict Thunderbirds pilot, complete with helmet markings.

Large decals sharply recreate the distinctive thunderbird marking underneath the aircraft.

Early-type struts with small diameter tires accurately reproduced.

Differences from the Block 32 such as landing light and bulged shape of gear doors accurately reproduced.

Length 316mm, Width 197mm
Either Block 32 or Block 52 can be recreated.
Differences between Block 32 and 52, such as the landing gear, are accurately replicated.
High-quality markings for a 2007 aircraft with U.S. Air Force 60th Anniversary emblem and a Block 52 aircraft are included.
Polycaps enable free movement of horizontal stabilizers, and flaperons can be assembled in either up or down positions.
Parts of smoke nozzle included. 1 pilot figure also included.