TAMIYA 1/35 TYPE 1 W/6 FIGURES(35331)

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TAMIYA 1/35 TYPE 1 W/6 FIGURES(35331)

Type 1 joined by 6 action figures!
The Type 1 self-propelled gun was an improved version of the Type 97 medium tank, with a 75mm field gun added to the hull. Its gun could penetrate armour of up to 85mm from a range of 1,000 meters. While the fighting compartment was roofless, it did feature 50mm-thick armoured plate on the front. It was produced from 1943 and around 140 were made in total, to be deployed with armoured divisions. In January of 1945, 4 Type 1s were part of the 2nd Tank Division on the Philippine island of Luzon, where they engaged in fighting with U.S. M4 Sherman tanks.

The powerful form of the vehicle with 75mm gun is complemented by 4 soldier action figures.

Features a detailed recreation of the roofless fighting compartment, plus gun details such as recoil buffer and mount. Gunner and loader figures are included.

Belt-type tracks can be cemented and painted. The suspension is also accurately depicted.

Includes decals to depict insignia on figures.

This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit.
Length 170mm, Width 67mm.
The roofless fighting compartment is authentically recreated.
Gun features such as the recoil buffer and mount are depicted accurately.
Accurate replications of the riveted hull and unique suspension.
Uses easy-to-fit belt-type tracks, which can be cemented and painted.
Accessories such as armour-piercing and howitzer rounds are also reproduced in scale form.
Includes six figures in total - gunner and loader, plus four infantry figures.
Comes with 4 marking options and insignia decals for figures.