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Defending the Homeland
From the middle stages of WWII, Allied tank designs showed steady improvement and featured greater firepower and armour protection. Under these circumstances, the German army increasingly depended on turretless tank destroyers armed with a powerful gun on a limited-traverse mount. Among these was the Hetzer, a compact tank destroyer based on the Czech-made 38t tank chassis that had 60mm sloped frontal armour and a 75mm main gun. Entering service from July 1944, the Hetzer's low silhouette and powerful armament made it a respectable adversary on both the Eastern and Western fronts. Approximately 2,800 Hetzers of different variants were produced, and they also served with the Czech and Swiss armed forces after the end of WWII.

Compact silhouette has been accurately reproduced thanks to thorough research.

Highly-detailed MG mount, gun sight, and periscopic binoculars liven up the hull top.

Tool on rear fender features separate parts for the clamp, resulting in greater detail.

Drive sprockets, guide wheels, and road wheels all accented by surface bolt details.

Engine area features separate parts for the starting crank cover.

Both assembly type and belt type tracks are included.

Realistic sag effect recreated just like the actual tank.

Length: 180mm
Distinctive Saukopf gun mantlet and armoured mantlet cover accurately reproduced.
Remote controlled machine gun mount features precision-made parts and polycap installation, enabling free rotation even after assembly.
Gun sight, periscopic binoculars, and jack also included for additional hull detail.
Drive sprockets, guide wheels, and road wheels all feature meticulous surface bolt details.
Choose from 2 types of accurate caterpillar tracks, assembly type and belt type.
Includes 1 standing commander figure, 4 types of markings, and a full colour painting guide