TAMIYA 1/35 155MM U.S Self Propelled Gun M40(35351)

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TAMIYA 1/35 155MM U.S Self Propelled Gun M40(35351)


Take Aim!
Manufactured toward the final stages of WWII, the M40 self-propelled gun design employed a combination of proven M4 Sherman chassis components and the powerful 155mm "Long Tom" gun. It was a boon for the 8-man U.S. crews that deployed it, not least because of the serious mobility upgrade it offered over its towed artillery piece predecessors, and an impressive range of 23.5 kilometres using explosive rounds; stability when firing was provided by a large rear spade. A 460hp air cooled engine enabled a top speed of 38km/h. Production began in February 1945, and while it was officially adopted in May 1945 none of the 418 manufactured by the end of WWII saw action. Instead, this powerful SPG was deployed in the Korean War, in which it provided long range bombardments of enemy positions.

Plenty of quality time studying a real M40 has made for a highly realistic depiction of the SPG and its mammoth 155mm gun.

Open top fighting compartment shows off the realistic interior with gun breech, ammo racks and much more to marvel at!

Features a movable rendering of the rear spade. The rear gate can be assembled down (as it was when firing) or up.

This comprehensive kit also includes eight figures including crew for the fighting compartment, making the model a great diorama choice!

Figures among the eight include the commander surveying the surrounding scene, plus other crew in the act of loading the 155mm gun.

A wealth of accessories are in the kit, recreating shells, rack, tube-shaped projectiles and other such items. A multitude of diorama avenues are open!

Clear cupola sight and light parts, plus moving travel lock make for awesome realism. The differential cover has an authentic cast surface texture.

Another point of great interest is the depiction of the 155mm gun, and it can be assembled with its breech block open or closed.

The horizontal volute spring suspension (HVSS) setup is faithfully depicted, while T80 tracks are expertly rendered by belt-type parts.

This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit.
Length 305mm, width 91mm.
In-depth study of the real thing has ensured a highly accurate depiction of the M40 form.
Depictions of equilibrators feature poly caps and facilitate elevation of the 155mm gun. Traverse is also provided.
The rear spade is also a moving part, and the rear gate can be assembled up or down.
Clear parts recreate light lenses and sights on twin commander and radio operator cupolas.
T80 tracks are faithfully rendered by belt-type parts.
Photo-etched engine grille parts give a crisp finish.
A multitude of accessories includes depictions of projectiles, rack and cases.
Comes with no less than 8 figures, plus 2 Korean War marking options.