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 Tamiya 1:25 Panther Ausf A Tank

This kit takes the classic 1/25 scale Panther Ausf.A remote control model from 1967 (and re-released in 1999 as an R/C kit) and updates it as a modern R/C model! It features parts to render the turret controllable, too. The Panther was a complete package, first seen in the Battle of Kursk in 1943. It had fearsome firepower from the imposing L/70 7.5cm gun, excellent protection with its sloped armour, and manoeuvrability thanks to a roaring 700hp gasoline engine. The Ausf. A was an updated version of the initial type (Ausf. D).

1/25 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 351mm, width: 135mm. Panther Ausf. A form is realistically captured.
R/C unit: TTU-10 transmitter and MC-07 receiver/motor control unit. Both have built-in antenna.
The model is powered by an assembly type twin motor gearbox and Type 130 motors.
Control forward and rear motion, and a range of turns using the transmitter control sticks.
features gearbox parts and Type 130 motor for turret rotation, achieved by meshing Velcro tape on the turret ring and the gearbox output shaft (parts also to be sold as separate option parts (Item T54795)).
Durable link-type tracks come pre-assembled.

Comes with 4 marking options (3 German, 1 French, used in static model version, Item T30612 from 2013):
Marking A: Unit unknown, Normandy, 1944
Marking B: 5th Armoured Division, 31st Panzer Regiment, Russia, 1944
Marking C: “Grossdeutschland” PzGren. Div. Russia, 1944
Marking D: Free French Forces