Takom 2157 1/35 150 Ton [O-I] Super Heavy Tank

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The O-1 is a multi-turret tank prototyped in 1941 by the Japanese Army, based on the lessons learned in the 1939 Nomonhan Incident. It was envisioned that this vehicle would be disassembled, transported to the rear of the battle line, assembled at a maintenance site, and then self-propelled toward the enemy's base and engaged in battle. The O-1's layout follows the idea of a conventional land battleship, with a main turret in the center of the hull and two secondary turrets arranged in parallel at the front of the hull. It was planned to be equipped with a pair of 47mm tank guns as secondary weapons. In 1943, a vehicle body without weapons and turrets was tested at Sagami Arsenal, but the development plan was canceled due to the deterioration of the war situation.


  • Main hatches that can be opened or closed

  • Suspension, wheels and tracks are movable.

  • Decals for four versions are included

  • Four metal barrels, a figure, photo-etched parts, and clear parts