Scalex43 Super loop Thriller

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These sets are great where space is a problem

Introducing Scalex43. This range of cars and tracks are slightly smaller than standard Scalextric with a scale of 1:43. This makes it ideal for young kids to start and enjoy slot car racing at an affordable price.

It has everything you need to start racing. This set has hand controllers with 4 speed settings. This helps the cars stay on the track as the kids get used to racing. If you would like expand your layout we have extra track pieces available.

This set also includes a lap counter and stunt ramps.

Track Specs
Track Length: 667cm
Layout size 176cm x 103cm
Ages: 6+

Scalex43 Track with stunt loop track
2 x 1:43 Licensed cars with working headlights - Mercedes Benz SLS AMG & Ford Mustang 2013 Boss
1 x 6v Transformer
2 x Wired Controllers with 4 speed settings
1 x Scalex43 Powerbase
1 x Scalex43 Lap Counter