Rage RC Eclipse 1M RTR Sailboat

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Eclipse 1M Sailboat RTR 


The Eclipse 1M features an effective sail/mast layout, allowing for maximum efficiency in the lightest of breezes. When the wind kicks up, the weighted keel provides the stability required for confident control with maximum performance.


Easy to assemble, the Eclipse 1M arrives with most of the difficult and time-consuming rigging already completed, making final assembly quick and convenient. A sealed, water-resistant deck hatch protects internal electronic components such as the "drum-style" sail winch servo which delivers additional power and smoother, more scale-like functionality than regular servos.

The Impressive Sailboat measures over 7' (213cm) tall from the bottom of the ballast bulb to the tip of the mast and has a large one-meter (39") hull is precision blow-moulded from high-strength ABS and features durable, reinforced rip-stop nylon sails that arrive pre-printed with bright, attractive graphics.

The Eclipse 1M is an RTR boat and arrives with everything required to start sailing. In addition to the pre-trimmed and decorated hull, inside you'll find a 2.4GHz radio system, rip-stop nylon sails and all the rigging parts necessary to easily build the mast. The Eclipse even includes a Li-ion receiver battery with USB charger, AA batteries for the transmitter, and a lightweight boat stand for display and maintenance.


  • Hull Length: 39" (1 meter)
  • Beam (Width): 8.66" (220mm)
  • Height from bottom of hull: 70.5" (1790mm)
  • Height from bottom of ballast: 83.875" (2130mm)
  • Weight: 6.93 lbs (3.15kg)
  • Hull Material: ABS Plastic
  • Ballast Material: Iron
  • Ballast Weight: 3.75 lbs (1.7kg)
Sail Area: 
  • Jib - 387.5 sq. in (2500 sq. cm)
  • Main - 550.25 sq. in (3550 sq. cm)
  • Total - 937.75 sq. in (6050 sq. cm)