Kyosho 33101 1/10 GP 4WD QRC Nitro Tracker w/KT-231P+ Readyset

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Kyosho 33101 1/10 GP 4WD QRC Nitro Tracker w/KT-231P+ Readyset

This is a GP Nitro Tracker QRC readyset 1/10 scale 4WD truck by Kyosho. With the rock-solid running stability of a big tire machine with wide tread, the nearly square dimensions of the Nitro Tracker produces incredible driving capability. Take this 1/10 scale off-road truck anywhere you like to enjoy the advanced high-performance mechanics of this real engine-powered R/C car, such as the QRC (Quick Reverse Clutch) that enables forward, neutral and reverse operation. The 3rd channel on the KT-231P+ transmitter operates a servo to shift the gears on the QRC to change the drive gears between Forward-Neutral-Reverse, just like a real automobile. The pre-installed powerful KE15SP engine combines with the maintenance-friendly radio box and fuel pump that sends fuel efficiently to the carburettor from the fuel tank and engine-stop lever that safely brings the engine to a stop. With this Readyset, all you need is fuel, engine starting tools, and batteries to experience the dynamic realistic performance of the awesome Nitro Tracker!


• Readyset features pre-assembled 4WD chassis with shaft-driven 4 bevel gear differentials on front and rear and finished body set.
• 3rd channel operates the QRC system (Quick Reverse Clutch) to control forward, neutral, and reverse.
• 2-speed transmission with adjustable shift timing makes maximum use of the KE15SP engine’s power band.
• One-piece stiffener and radio box increases chassis rigidity and provides dustproof cover for receiver and battery.
• Includes KS4031-06W servos for steering, throttle, and shift change.
• Double wishbone suspension with adjustable camber and toe angle.

Specs for Chassis:

• Length: 16.5 in.
• Width: 12.6 in.
• Height: 7.6 in.
• Weight: 5.8 lbs. (approx.)
• Wheelbase: 11.8 in.
• Tread (Front/Rear): Front: 10.4 in.
• Tires (Front/Rear): Front: 4.7 x 2.2 in.
• Gear Ratio
• Forward (1st) 20.9:1 / (2nd) 13.9:1
• Reverse (1st) 24.1:1 / (2nd) 16.0:1
• Engine: KE15SP with recoil starter


• Completed chassis with R/C radio installed
• Transmitter (KT-231P +)
• Binding stick
• Hex wrench (1.5 x 2 x 2.5mm)
• Cross wrench (large)
• Instruction manual
• 2 nylon straps (for fixing air cleaner)


• Glow Fuel
• 8 X AA batteries for Transmitter and receiver
• Starting tools (Fuel bottle, plug heater)