Bandai 5055454 MG 1/100 Nu Gundam Ver Ka

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Bandai's big Gunpla release of 2012 is old fan favorite Nu Gundam as drawn by famous Gundam artist Hajime Katoki. The original Master Grade Nu Gundam released way back in 2001 and a lot has changed in Gunpla engineering and the new Nu Gundam Ver Ka is an excellent example of just how far Bandai have come.


  • With a Green Psychoframe you can transform your Gunpla into and decide how you want to display your kit. Attachable Fin Funnels, and tons of compartments, openable hatches like to store beam saber.

  • Good articualtions, the hands are very detailed with indpeendents fingers, weapons like Beam Rifle have a guide to be attached by the palm and be more stable.

  • Action Display Base is impressive, the base has the A logo of Amuro Ray, and has the extra amrs so you can pose your NU GUNDAM with the Fin Funnels in action!

  • You can attach the BANDAI LED unit so you can light up the eyes!


  • Bazooka

  • Beam Rifle

  • Shield

  • Beam Saber Large

  • Beam Saber Large and Small

  • x6 Fin Funnel

  • Display stand

  • Water decals