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Working for the Enemy
When the German army invaded France in May 1940, they were met a small number of the monster B1 bis tank, which featured heavy firepower and thick armour protection. Armed with a 75mm howitzer in the hull and a 47mm gun in a small turret, the tank also had 60mm thick armour, making it superior to any German tank at the time. After the capitulation of France, captured B1 bis tanks were pressed into German service after modifications such as new radio equipment, tools, and German-standard cupola hatches. These tanks saw action on the Eastern front, and were also used to guard the Channel Islands.

Tank can be finished in either 3-tone camouflage or overall German Grey.

German-standard cupola hatch cover and additional concrete block armour accurately reproduced.

Assembly type tracks and metal towing chain provided realistic detail.

Length: 192mm
Tall, imposing silhouette and massive hull shape accurate reproduced.
Distinctive features such as radio antenna, hull-mounted tools, and jack all included.
Two-part commander's cupola hatch and additional concrete block armour on the front of the hull also accurately depicted.
Assembly type tracks offer a high level of detail to the suspension area.
3 types of markings and full-colour painting guide included.
Includes an article detailing the tank's combat history.
Comes with 1 German tank crew figure.